Roof Replacement

Roof replacement can become necessary when the cost of repairing the roof, nearly out weighs the cost of what replacing the roof would be.

It can also be necessary, when you are just in need of a freshen up for your home, to modernise it with NEW Colorbond products and profiles
Or maybe you are just sick of the way it looks.

A roof replacements can cost anywhere between $6000 to $40 000 for most residential homes in Sydney.

A roof replacement can take anywhere from 1 – 5 days to complete.

Variants being the square metre area of your home, If the roof pitch is a steep pitch or shallow pitch.

The access available for trucks and men to handle materials and equipment.

Weather we have to use an aluminium scaffold bay around your home for access to the roof safely, or
wether we can use a roof hand rail safety system to keep our tradesmen safe during installation.

If you are after a new metal roof and you live directly across the road from the Ocean, it is also recommended

Which has a specific made coating on the steel, for when you are in close proximity to salt and salt air. Which causes the roof to rust a lot quicker than it would say out in the western suburbs where there is little to no salt air content.

Bowed and saggy existing roofing structures can also come into factor.

When CLEAR SKY ROOFING arrives to your home to provide you with a free quote, we can assess the roof from the ground, for example

If you have an existing tiled roof and you are looking to replace the roof tiles with a NEW flat modern roof tile, Then we would Strongly suggest, in even parts that you can clearly see from the ground that you allow us to factor into your quote a ROOF STRAIGHTENING.

This entails our tradesmen to run string lines across the roof to find large bows and re fix new rafters to the side of existing rafters to keep the roof as straight as possible.

There is nothing worse than seeing cowboys putting NEW flat roof tiles on an old saggy bowed roofing structure.

It will have more waves in it than Bondi beach.

Here at CLEAR SKY ROOFING we are all about taking the time with our customers, to explain the best way to execute a NEW roof Replacement.

A NEW roof that will make all parties involved happy, with a smile from ear to ear at then end of the job.


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