Leaf Guard Mesh


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Leafguard mesh is a relatively new product which can be used on a metal roof (not on flat roofs) Or a roof tiled roof.

This Leafguard mesh works great as it actually goes with the angle or pitch of the roof, it does not create any sharp pockets For leafs to sit on top of. If any leafs actually do sit up on top of the mesh, maybe being stuck by water or anything else, It will generally be blown away with the next wind or using a leaf blower with an extension arm.

Leafguard mesh is a great perfect, its only downfall is that it can be an eye sore to some people, thought I can be invaluable to other people Who live in heavily effected tree and leaf debris areas.

This product is also highly recommended for people who live in fire hazardous areas, as it is an easily accessible leaf guard to clean off the roof, once again using a Leaf blower with extension arm.

Concealed Leafguard

This product is available in COLORBOND or Aluminium.

This product also works well. This Leafguard is generally used on NEW roofs that are not Leafguard and leaf debris affected areas.

People will generally opt for concealed Leafguard when they do not want to see the Leafguard as much from the ground, like you would Leafguard mesh.

Just like Leafguard mesh, it comes in all of the 22 different COLORBOND colours.

Again when purchasing your Leafguard, it is highly recommended that you then purchase a Leafguard blower and extension arm. These machines are invaluable.