Roof Tiling

In Australia we have a broad range of roof tiling options which gives you the complete protection that you need for your home.

Roof tiles are generally only used on residential homes these days.

There are the 3 commonly used Australia roof tile.


Which will hold a strong comour for its entire life time, as the colours are baked into the product initially, not top coated on after production like concrete tiles.


Concrete roof tiles are the most commonly used roof tile in Sydney.

They come in the largest variety and colour scheme available from all roof tiles.

From the most up to date,

Modern flat series of roof tile that you see on alot of new residential buildings.

Elemental composite roof tile

The composite roof tile is the new ultra-modern, flat look.

This is a high end product.

It can be used on a low 10 degree roof pitch, which nothing else can be.

It is 5 x lighter than a traditional roof tile.

It also cannot be broken or cracked in half from hail stones in Sydney.